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Fide et Moribus


College Motto

Our College motto is Fides et Moribus (Faith and Morals)

College Colour

The colour of the College uniform is blue. Blue is a symbol of stability, inspiration, and creativity, royalty, and selflessness, intelligence and wisdom. These are core leadership qualities we hope to inspire in our students.

College logo

The colour of the College uniform is blue. Blue is a symbol of stability, inspiration, and creativity, royalty, and selflessness, intelligence and wisdom. These are core leadership qualities we hope to inspire in our students.

Our Vision

To nurture future leaders with character, fear of God, professional excellence, creativity, and personal integrity.

Our Mission

To guide boys and girls, based on Christian values, to become responsible, disciplined, knowledgeable, and courageous men and women who value and defend truth and freedom.

Admission is Currently Ongoing (2024/2025 Academic Session)

Pupils should be at least () years by September 2023 to be eligible for admission



It is the belief of the Catholic Church that education is an integral part of her missionary mandate on earth, to make disciples of all nations. In adherence to this objective, she has for centuries established educational institutions across the world. The Church, in her wisdom, views education as essential in preparing her children for what they must be and for what they must do to fully realize the will of God as they work to care for God’s creation- the sublime purpose for which they were created.
In following the same path, the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos has over the years established different formal educational institutions ranging from
primary to secondary schools, college of education and university. Currently the
Archdiocese boasts of a total of over thirty-five nursery and primary schools, fourteen secondary schools, three skill acquisition centers and two tertiary institutions (a College of Education and a University). Some of these institutions are coeducational while others are not; and to the glory of God, St. Kizito’s College, a co-educational school, founded 2nd November, 2020, is the youngest of the schools in the Archdiocese.

We are grateful to God for the life of the College and all those who have, at different times, managed the affairs of
the College – the Management, Staff, Parents and Students of the College. We pray to God to continuously bless
the College and all those associated with it. Amen.

Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins
Metropolitan Archbishop of Lagos and College Proprietor.



Greetings! The establishment of St . Kizito’s College, Iju by the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos in November, 2020 was with the aim of giving young boys and girls within and around the precinct a robust education that is anchored on two key pillars – fear of God and good morals – for building a sound character. This explains the motto of our beloved College, Fide et Moribus (faith and morals).
In faithfulness to the vision of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, the Management of the College since its
inception has constantly placed the highest premium on these core values. On these pillars rest the source and summit of our College and of all who are associated with it. In St. Kizito’s College, we hold dear the words of Francois Rabelais that “A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lit”.
Hence, to achieve this as effectively as possible, our daily tasks include giving our students a solid spiritual foundation, developing their potential, helping them to be competitive and bold, creating an exciting environment for them, encouraging them to be independent thinkers, building their sense of self-esteem, forming godly characters with discipline, ensuring their voices are heard and guaranteeing their health and wellbeing. Our curriculum serves as a bedrock for this goal because it offers our students opportunities to soar in any area of academic life.
To realize this, the Management of St. Kizito’s College strongly believes that you, parents and guardians of our beloved students, play active roles in their successes. This is due to the percentage of influence you have in their lives. It is therefore, our desire, as a College, to build a connection between the child’s life in school and outside. Our holistic formation gives our students the added advantage that makes them outliers.

Their practically enriched
academic curriculum is driven by the moral formation that makes it integral. Our enviable landscape makes learning, acquisition of skills, and sporting activities worthwhile.
Thus, we welcome all who visit our College website. We are sure you will find helpful and important information about this
great institution of learning. This site will give you a glimpse of what St. Kizito’s College is all about and how
you can be a part of our success story. Thank you.
Rev. Fr. Kenneth Jerome Mereh,


Why St Kizito College ?


St. Kizito’s College Fagba Iju is an educational institution with an outstanding academic performance which has been proven timelessly since our inception as an edu-based organization.


At SKC, ICT is our watch word! Our school premises is networked with 24/7 Internet Access. Our ICT Lab is equipped with the latest dektops, laptops and networking tools to aid learning, research and information sharing.


At St. Kizito's College emphasizes communication, comprehension, and expression through diverse linguistic studies and interactive learning approaches.

International Exams

International exams at St. Kizito's College include WAEC, NECO, JAMB, SAT and IGCSE examinations.


St. Kizito's College boasts an extensive e-library, providing students with digital resources, e-books, scholarly articles, and research databases for academic enrichment.

Co-curricular Activities

St. Kizito's College offers a rich array of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, clubs, and fostering holistic development and fostering talents beyond academics.

Special Needs Education

St. Kizito's College provides personalized support, adaptive resources, and inclusive teaching methodologies to ensure every student's academic success and holistic development.

Religious Activities

Religious activities at St. Kizito's College spiritual practices, including prayer sessions, religious studies, community service, and cultural celebrations promoting values of tolerance and understanding.


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