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St. Kizito’s College Fagba Iju is an educational institution with an outstanding academic performance which has been proven timelessly since our inception as an edu-based organization.

St. Kizito, also known as Kizito Omuto, was the youngest of all the Uganda Catholic Martyrs who died at the age of 14, having been born around 1872 at Waluleeta, Bulemeezi in Nandere Parish.

His father was Lukomera of the King Mwanga II of Buganda‘s palace in 1884 where he served in the king’s private apartment. Kizito was a very good boy in all aspects, smart, witty, intelligent, committed to work, always jolly, friendly, kind, a quick at executing tasks, good at sports mainly swimming and wrestling. He was also good at music, particularly playing the xylophone. All this made him popular with his companions.

He was very much loved by the king just as he was much loved by Pere Mapeera. He resisted and was protected from the sexual vices in the palace by Charles Lwanga who baptized him on 26th May 1886, early in the morning of day of judgement at Munyonjo. He was given the name John Baptist. It must be noted that when Charles Lwanga intuited the danger of killing Christians, he asked the children in the palace to go and hide but Kizito refused to go. He stayed with Charles Lwanga ready to die for Jesus Christ. He was burnt alive at Namugongo together with the others on Thursday, June 3rd, 1886.

His calmness, joy and prayerfulness and ability to strengthen the others during the whole week of persecution and even during the holocaust are very striking. They only come from the spirit of a martyr as a grace given by God. He was beatified by Pope Benedict XV in 1920, and canonized by Pope Paul VI on 18 October 1964 in Rome. He is considered as the Patron saint of children particularly those below the age of fifteen, and primary schools.


O St. Kizito, who strengthened by God’s grace, did not hesitate even at your tender age, to shade your blood, and sacrifice life itself, to defend your faith. We, your brothers and sisters, implore you to intercede for us before God, for the grace to imitate your virtues of fortitude, charity, and fidelity.

Through your intercession, may we be courageous in spreading the gospel of Christ to humanity. Help us to remain strong, in the face of the challenges, tribulations, and trials that confront us today.

O Glorious Kizito, obtain for us too, from our Lord, peace, and unity, victory in temptation, comfort in sorrow, strength in adversity, health in weakness, and the grace which we earnestly pray for now (mention your private intention).

May we one day, enjoy with you the imperishable glory of heaven. Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs – pray for us!

O Martyrs of Uganda – pray for us!

St. Kizito – pray for us!


Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins


Rev. Fr. Kenneth Jerome Mereh.


Rev. Sr. Caroline Fada, SSH

Head Teacher

Rev. Sr. Maria Odion Omoike, SSH


Miss Juliana Udofia

Sectional Head

Mr. Ehindero Taiwo Olaniyi

Management Assistant